• The Abu Sayyaf Group released a new video showing the three remaining Samal Island hostages begging for help
  • The group described the clip as the “final message” of the hostages
  • The hostages pleaded for help from incoming President Rodrigo Duterte

The Abu Sayyaf Group released a new video it described as the “final message” of the hostages which showed the three remaining Samal Island captives pleading for help from incoming President Rodrigo Duterte.

Inquirer’s Fances Mangosing mentioned in an article dated May 24, 2016 that the video opened with the lone Filipina hostage, Marites Flor, addressing Duterte.

“Sa ating bagong presidente si Rodrigo Duterte, kailangan po namin ng tulong n’yo. Kailangan makalaya dito sa lalong madaling panahon. Kailangan namin ng financial na tulong ninyo bago dumating ‘yung due date na hinihingi nila. Please. Humihingi kami ng tulong, nagmamakaawa po kami.”

[To our new president Rodrigo Duterte, we need your help. We need to be freed from here as soon as possible. We need your financial assistance before the due date they gave. Please. We’re asking for help, we’re begging you]

The Abu Sayyaf set June 13 as the deadline for the ransom payment. The ISIS-affiliated group said the hostages will be executed if their demands are not met

Canadian Robert Hall, Marites Flor’s boyfriend, was next to address Duterte.

He said: “Mr. Duterte, I’m going to address my remarks to you. I would appreciate it if you can do what you can to get us out of here. It appears my government has abandoned me and my family in this endeavor.”

He then asked the incoming president to communicate with their captors through an intermediary named “June” from the Canadian Embassy.

“We’ve been here for eight months. I came to your beautiful country in good faith and in peace, and here I am. These people want you to negotiate or communicate with them through a person by the name of June, whom you can reach at the Canadian Embassy. I really hope that you can do what you can to help us,” Hall said.

Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad was the last to face the camera. He said: “I’d like to appeal to the Norwegian government, the Canadian government, the Filipino government, and President Duterte. Please try to help us. Contact this group through June at the Canadian Embassy and try to negotiate with this group. We will be executed on June 13 at 3 o’clock, unless there is an agreement made with this group.”

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